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Plants and animals


Close-up of aspens with trail in the background

The trail passes through or near farmland, bush, and wetlands.

  • Bush
  • Wetlands

In the woodland areas, you can see woodland plants like

  • Trilliums
  • Trembling aspen (left)
  • Dogwoods
  • Other native woodland plant species

The adjacent wetlands, include provincially significant wetland areas near the trail's beginning in Guelph. There are also wetlands near Elmira.


Close-up of two horses grazing near the trail

Many of the that you'll see on the trail are on adjacent farms. If you pass through Ariss, you might even see a llama or two!

The woods, rivers, streams, and wetlands are also habitats for many native songbirds. By creating a greenway, the trail also provides a buffer and corridor for animals.

Creating a greenway

Close-up of trilliums in wooded area

The Kissing Bridge Trailway provides a protected corridor that allows native plant species to re-establish. We're also planting trees to provide an overhead canopy for the trail. This greenway provides a number of benefits:

  • Provides a screen and habitat for animals
  • Helps native plants get re-established
  • Will help introduce more variety in the animals, bird species
  • Provides a corridor animals can move through